“Soul Bare” ed. by Cara Sexton

Quick Statistics

  • “Soul Bare: Stories of Redemption” edited by Cara Sexton
  • Christian Memoir
  • Received a paperback copy for review.
  • 4/5 stars

Official Synopsis

Honesty, authenticity and vulnerability. You want to be a person who reflects these qualities. But sometimes it’s just hard to reveal your deepest hardships and struggles. How are Christians supposed to have hope and experience wholeness amid personal challenges and failures? The women and men ofSoul Bare not only intimately understand the risks of exposure, but they are also willing to share their most poignant and painful moments with you. Soul Bare features contributions from the best of today’s influential young writers, including
Emily P. Freeman
Trillia Newbell
Holley Gerth
Seth Haines
Jennifer Dukes Lee
and many more
Soak in these powerful reflections, and you will find your own soul soothed. If you need to experience beauty in the brokenness of real life laid bare, this book is for you.

My Thoughts/Summary

Man, this essay collection really just blew me away and I didn’t expect it to.

I was approached by one of the contributors to see if I’d be interested in a copy of the book and I immediately said yes. Sarah Bessey is one of my favorite writers, so seeing her on the list made me know this would be immediate must read. It became a must read for many reasons beyond that.

This book is written as a collection of essays, divided into three sections. The book as a whole is about being honest, and bearing your soul to God and being honest to the world. Often in the church, we’re encouraged to only share the good stuff, or the stuff where we saw God show up. This book talks about the times where yes, he showed up, but also the times where it was hard to see him.

Beautifully written, these stories of redemption are ones I know I’ll return to many times, and feel so lucky to have snagged a copy. There wasn’t a single essay I didn’t get something from, and there were many that I am still digesting.

“Ever slowly, painfully human, we begin to see from all sides the truth we were handed: God does have more for us, and often his more looks like less. It can look like loss and pain. From the vantage point of God’s kingdom set on the face of this wobbly earth, the very best he has to offer can look like surrender and taste like tears.”

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