“Fallout” by Ellen Hopkins

Quick Statistics

  • “Fallout” by Ellen Hopkins
  • Young Adult Poetry
  • Read as an ebook
  • 4/5 stars
  • Finished February 26, 2013

Official Synopsis

Hunter. Autumn. Summer.
Different homes. Different guardians. Different last names.
Different lives.
But there is one person who binds them together.

Nineteen years after Kristina Snow met the monster—crank—her children are reeling from the consequences of her decisions. Instead of one big, happy family, they are a desperate tangle of scattered lives united by anger, doubt, and fear.

A predisposition to addiction and a sense of emptiness where a mother’s love should be leads all three down the road of their mother’s notorious legacy. Sex, drugs, alcohol, abuse—there is more of Kristina in her children than they would ever like to believe. But when the thread that ties them together brings them face-to-face, they’ll discover something powerful in each other and in themselves—the trust, the hope, the courage to begin to break the cycle.

Fallout is bestselling author Ellen Hopkin’s riveting conclusion to her trilogy begun by Crank and Glass. It is a revelation and a testament to the harsh reality that addiction is never just one person’s problem.

My Thoughts/Summary

Ellen Hopkins never fails to impress and write a book you can’t put down. This for me, was one of the hardest to read. Not because the language was hard or anything, simply because we have followed Kristina for what feels like for SO. LONG.

We watched her fall into the grasp of the Monster and find out she was pregnant. We watched her meet Trey and get hooked on Glass. We read and followed it all, and got emotionally invested in her life. It was so hard to read to how FAR she had fallen and how her children saw her.

Stories all kind of came together here and this book was so enticing and amazing I couldn’t put it down. I also found myself with so much sympathy for Kristina. Either way, Hopkins didn’t disappoint and I wish there could be more in this trilogy.

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