“Love Songs Make You Cry” by Lasana M. Sekou

Quick Statistics

  • “Love Songs Make You Cry” by Lasana M. Sekou
  • Short Stories
  • Read as a physical book
  • 4/5 stars
  • Finished February 2, 2018

Official Synopsis

Fiction. Short stories. Lasana M. Sekou is the author of 20 books of poetry, monologues, and short stories. He is the leading writer of St. Martin and is considered one of the prolific Caribbean poets of his generation.

“LOVE SONGS MAKE YOU CRY stirs emotions that lie too deep for tears.”–Joyce Peters- McKenzie, St. Martin Newsday

“Following one of the principles of Modernism, Sekou reinvents his prose. The depth of his discourse and the scope of his subject matters give his short stories […] a universal, yet unique, character that goes well beyond the boundaries boundaries of a Caribbean readership.”–Michela A. Calderaro, University of Trieste, Italy

My Thoughts/Summary


So I originally wanted to do a Passport Reading Challenge, where I read a book by a native author of a pre-selected list of 25 countries that were randomly chosen. I started off strong with this book, which is from St. Martin, and the author is from St. Martin. This was a collection of four short stories about love, but they were not happy love stories at all, in fact they fit the title very well. “Love Songs Make You Cry”. I didn’t leave any of these stories with an uplifting feeling, they were all pretty depressing, but they were written really well.

As always with short story collections there are some you like more than others. Some I could barely understand what was happening, but others will stay with me forever. I’m pretty sure one might have ruined the name Blair for me for the rest of my life. The stories are written in the modernist style, and apparently the edition I read was the second edition. I’ve never really dove into “styles” of writing, but I realized how much I like this style. It’s very simple and straight to the point, and from the forward, Sekou actually went through and edited it more. I enjoyed this style, and I think the only thing preventing me from really loving this collection is that I struggle with dialects in writing if I can’t hear them.

I’m glad overall, that I read this book, and I’m thankful that I thought to start with this one. It was a great way to kick off this challenge, and while I’m not sure how much I will actually be doing this year, it just goes to show that when you read diversely, you can come across some very cool things.

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