“The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey” by Ian Morgan Cron & Suzanne Stabile

Quick Statistics

  • “The Road Back to You” by Ian Morgan Cron & Suzanne Stabile
  • Non-Fiction Self Help
  • Read as an ebook
  • 4/5 stars
  • Finished February 11, 2018

Official Synopsis

Ignorance is bliss except in self-awareness…

What you don’t know about yourself can hurt you and your relationships―and even keep you in the shallows with God. Do you want help figuring out who you are and why you’re stuck in the same ruts? The Enneagram is an ancient personality typing system with an uncanny accuracy in describing how human beings are wired, both positively and negatively.

In The Road Back to You Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile forge a unique approach―a practical, comprehensive way of accessing Enneagram wisdom and exploring its connections with Christian spirituality for a deeper knowledge of ourselves, compassion for others, and love for God. Witty and filled with stories, this book allows you to peek inside each of the nine Enneagram types, keeping you turning the pages long after you have read the chapter about your own number. Not only will you learn more about yourself, but you will also start to see the world through other people’s eyes, understanding how and why people think, feel, and act the way they do. Beginning with changes you can start making today, the wisdom of the Enneagram can help take you further along into who you really are―leading you into places of spiritual discovery you would never have found on your own, and paving the way to the wiser, more compassionate person you want to become

My Thoughts/Summary

Here’s a secret about me, I absolutely love the Enneagram. It was introduced to me through my faith, but the Enneagram is not exclusive to the Christian faith and can be used by everyone to understand themselves better and the world around them. My first introduction to the Enneagram was through one of the co-author’s talks where she spends an hour on each number and it changed my life. I was pretty sure I was a 2. Until my life revealed to me that nah, I was really a 1 whether I liked it or not.

This book is a fantastic primer for anyone interested in the Enneagram and what it means for them. The authors do a fantastic job of explaining it in a very simple way but also a fulfilling way. I like how they talk about the positives and negatives of each number, and how important it is for people to know all the numbers. It’s good to know yours, and actively work on the steps to self-improvement they provide, however, we can better understand people when we know their numbers because it helps us give them what they need.

The Enneagram has honestly changed my life, and I hope you’ll pick it up and maybe it’ll change yours too!

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