“Sammy Keyes and the Curse of Moustache Mary” by Wendelin van Draanen

Quick Statistics

  • “Sammy Keyes and the Curse of Moustache Mary” by Wendelin van Draanen
  • Middle Grade Mystery
  • Listened to audiobook
  • 4/5 stars
  • Finished March 23, 2018

Official Synopsis

When Sammy and her friends meet Lucinda Huntley walking her 200-pound pig down the middle of the road, their quiet weekend in the country quickly becomes an adventure. Lucinda tells them a true tale of the Wild West, her great-grandma Moustache Mary, and a century-old family feud.

But this feud is hardly ancient history. Past and present collide–and combust!–when Mary’s pioneer cabin burns to the ground. Sammy thinks the cause of the fire may be a hundred years old, but still, the gas can she finds near the scene of the crime is shiny and new. . . .

My Thoughts/Summary

As is probably extremely evident at this point, I really love the Sammy Keyes series. It’s so fun, and is a childhood favorite. I stopped reading at some point in my childhood, but am now returning to these as an adult, and find that they make me feel at home. I’m always astounded with the more adult topics that Van Draanen seems to handle with ease, that makes the adult and young reader equally entertained.

In this book, Sammy finds herself entwined in a mystery after meeting an old lady who tells her the story of Moustache Mary. Her cabin burns down, and there’s a shiny new gas can near the fire. However the mystery just seems to start there. This book is full of old west family feuds, and honestly reminds me a lot of Holes by Louis Sachar in the same tone. Van Draanen does it again, and it does touch on some heavy subjects in the end. However, it’s not done in such a heavy handed way that doesn’t seem realistic, in fact, it seems very real, and age appropriate. Another job well done.

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