“High-Performance Habits” by Brendon Burchard

Quick Statistics

  • “High-Performance Habits” by Brandon Burchard
  • Personal Development
  • Read as an audiobook
  • 4/5 stars
  • Finished October 21, 2018

Official Synopsis

After extensive original research and a decade as the world’s highest-paid performance coach, Brendon Burchard finally reveals the most effective habits for reaching long-term success. Based on one of the largest surveys ever conducted on high performers, it turns out that just six habits move the needle the most in helping you succeed. Adopt these six habits, and you win. Neglect them, and life is a never-ending struggle.

We all want to be high performing in every area of our lives. But how? Which habits can help you achieve long-term success and vibrant well-being no matter your age, career, strengths, or personality? To become a high performer, you must seek clarity, generate energy, raise necessity, increase productivity, develop influence, and demonstrate courage. This book is about the art and science of how to practice these proven habits.

If you do adopt any new habits to succeed faster, choose the habits in this book. Anyone can practice these habits and, when they do, extraordinary things happen in their lives, relationships, and careers.

Whether you want to get more done, lead others better, develop skill faster, or dramatically increase your sense of joy and confidence, the habits in this book will help you achieve it. Each of the six habits is illustrated by powerful vignettes, cutting-edge science, thought-provoking exercises, and real-world daily practices you can implement right now.

HIGH PERFORMANCE HABITS is a science-backed, heart-centered plan to living a better quality of life. Best of all, you can measure your progress. A link to a professional assessment is included in the book for free.

My Thoughts/Summary

I was recommended this book since I’m participating in Rachel Hollis’s Last 90 Days challenge and we did a whole week on habits. This was the second book recommended to us, and I was excited to get my hands on it. In this book, Burchard outlines six habits that can increase your performance in both work and life, and provides detailed ways to implement them in your life, as well as many free resources to assist you on your journey.

This book was extremely interesting to me. I had the audiobook and really enjoyed listening to the author read, and found it really thorough considering you’re missing out on the visuals. The author does a fantastic job of describing them so you don’t have to see the charts or the graphics but they make complete sense (at least to me as an auditory learner). He did a fantastic job of laying out each of the six High-Performance Habits and three specific things under each habit to impart the habit. He also provides a free test on his website and multiple other ways to interact with the text even if you’re just using the audiobook which I really enjoyed. The information was presented extremely well, although it was a lot to take in and process so I had to read it much slower than other books I’ve read lately. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone trying to be their best self, but as always with Personal Development books, it isn’t one size fits all. Some people need the type of motivation Burchard provides, and others it won’t work for them, and that’s okay too.

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